viernes, 14 de junio de 2019

Developing possible ideas for future animations and interactive games [My OC Ross]

These are one of the many ideas I have to make a future, some will be designed to be 100% and others with more options to convert them into interactive animations so that the viewer can play and choose the scene at their own free choice, for now all you see are simple sketches, but I'm still working to make them come true and bring them to life

- 1 -
This is possibly a confirmed confirmation
The viewer can choose how Ross is fucked by this great monster

This animation was going to be done but for reasons of my clients' commissions I had to set it aside and in the end it was left in the folder of '' processes' 'I have the idea of moving forward as an animation

In this scene I wanted to make a great theme of tentacles and different men fucking these girls, but so many ideas together in the same image can give problems later to give them animation therefore this idea is in maintenance

This idea I have to leave it in the hands of my followers, I know that most of them love the theme "BULGE" but now I am in the hands of so many ideas that I need to put everything in order
But without a doubt I would love to finish this animation and give it life, it would be published as a theme animation [$ 5]

This idea is based on a future game that I want to play with Ross, where she must choose which path to take in the dung where she is and each path she chooses meets a monster where she must interact with him, the idea of the game is for Ross to come out without being violated of the dung, but this idea is in process and the image that you see is just a monster of so many that I want to put :) this game will be published in the future and will be publishing UPDATES so that the viewer can play this game again with new scenes

These are all the sketches that I have so far on my OC Ross, I can not show more spoilers to continue with the intrigue and requests of my patreons, I do not mind leaving a side job for making comissiones, I am always open to them



lunes, 27 de mayo de 2019

Coming Soon... MY FIRST GAME

Soon I will publish my first game! rather it is an INTERACTIVE animation, since to say that I think it is a big enough word for what it really is, but it is a very big step in my work and something that will change in my Patreon, I will work in animations in the future Interactive much more entensas where the spectator can choose much more options and thus have a hand in the game and the other hand occupied (͡ ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡ °)


The game has been tested and works perfectly and fulfills its function, will be available for the next month of JUNE (although ami opens up to me differently, perhaps it is because I am directly open to the program where I am working in this animation It would be a great help that you will comment your experience with the game to help me improve in the next one)

Will the price change in Patreon if I upload interactive games?

The prices will remain the same only to be added surely to new tier giving exclusivity to interactive games

1 $ - Thanks for support

3 $ - 10% Animations / Low Quality / Animations of illustrations by other artists

5 $ - 50% Animations / Each animation contains different parts / More quality

10 $ - 100% Animations / Videos and Films / Full Quality / Bonus Parts

20 $ - Games / Animations Interactives

This interactive animation will play all the patterns that have chosen the 10 $ tier, the new tier will be added in the farther future

Thank you very much for supporting me and helping me to grow. I am always aware of being able to make you enjoy and delight my work and satisfy you!


Very thanks for reading this, it is important to know what if you are not my patreon you will be able to play my DEMO's interactive animations, hope you like so much!

They will be published in

miércoles, 16 de enero de 2019

Ross - Hell Gangbang

New animation in which all of my patrons put a little idea of how you wanted to see this animated animation ... I have managed to introduce a little detail of Sex Nipple and it comes with a different variation in the aspect of demons for those who like interracial sex ...

 I hope you enjoy it,




All parts animated only in my Patreon

sábado, 15 de diciembre de 2018

Ross ♥ Gifs

Hey there it's RossTeddy ♥

Thank you for following me and valuing my work! Here I leave a hot sequence that I have done expressly for you and that you can enjoy it as much as I do it!

If you like my hentai animations show me some support on :)

[Click for HD]


lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2018

Ross VS King Octopus


ANIMATION Without cuts:

Very happy with the result of the animation, I hope you like it's added with this animation because it is the remake of one of my old illustrations turned into animation with its different variants!

This animation contains:
- Different types of breasts:
· Big / Giants ♥

- Different types of movements:
· Slow / Normal / Fast ♥

- Cumshots:
· Little cumming / Big Cumming / Milking ♥

The monster comes in different colors so that you can play with the imagination and reach the personal adjustments in your fetishes with the tentacles! ♥
How will this adventure overcome this time Ross?


domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2018

Movies available only for patrons

These are all the movies available so far in my patreon
Click on the sections that appear below the photos to see all available demos

[Avalible only in Patreon, NO DEMO]

Newgrounds ]

[ Avalible only in Patreon, NO DEMO ]

domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2018

Ross - Edition Love

Nueva edición con una temática diferente, esta vez he cambiado a los personajes femeninos en vez de a los masculinos y dando mas variedad para que el espectador pueda elegir al personaje que mas le guste! Espero puedan disfrutar de las imágenes, animación disponible únicamente en PATREON